1. Thank you for adding White Sands. Now there's another one - New River Gorge. :) About Sequoia and Kings Canyon, it's just that the number doesn't add up. There are 63 NPs in the US but the app will show 62.

  2. Hey Eric, can you add the ability to attach photos to each national park. Love the app! Scott

  3. I selected the wrong park and accidentally added one I have not been to. There doesn’t seem to be a way to unselect. I’d think I could hit the star and be asked are you sure you want to delete entry or something. Would be nice to correct entries.

    1. If you tap on the icon to the right of the park you want to remove the visit from, you will be taken to the park details screen. There you can tap on the Dates Visited section and remove any dates you accidentally added.

  4. Super excited about this app!
    I would like to second the recommendation that you add the ability to add your own photos and comments about each park you’ve been to.
    I love telling people about my visits to the parks, and this would be a really easy way to show them photos without having to go through all the photos on my phone.

  5. Please separate Sequoia and Kings Canyon they a separate parks.